When our 10 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety, we searched for various ways to help him be able to relax. At the time, he was not sleeping well and was on the go from the break of dawn until he finally fell asleep at night. He was mentally and physically exhausted on a daily basis. A counselor suggested we look into Craniosacral Therapy, and that’s when we found Margaret. She has made a huge impact on his ability to calm down; and we believe through his treatments, he finally knows what it feels like to be relaxed. His sleep has improved, and he is less irritable, which has benefited the whole family. Margaret’s calm demeanor and genuine care for our son is invaluable; and he looks forward to all his appointments with her.


Incredible pain relief and relaxation of stressed muscles and tendons after just one session. Margaret’s extensive experience allows her to quickly assess the problem and provide a gentle healing treatment. Highly recommended for getting to the source of the problem instead of masking it with medication.


I have suffered from chronic back and leg pain for many years, due to spinal stenosis.  I used to joke that I had a ‘short leash’ because I could only tolerate standing or walking for 5 or 10 minutes, before I needed to sit due to pain and spasms.  After seeing Margaret for several treatments, I can now walk or stand for an hour or longer, without pain  It has given me a new lease on life!


I went to see Margaret because I was experiencing depression and anxiety for the past year. As a result of the craniosacral therapy I received from her, I was able to feel a deep emotional release, after only two sessions; and I am no longer depressed or anxious. Margaret was a pleasure to work with.  She combines intuition with her considerable skills to create profound healing.


Margaret’s practice has been an essential piece of normalizing my life following a difficult brain injury. Prior to seeing Margaret, I was uncertain if my vision and neck mobility would ever return to normal. Craniosacral sessions have helped me release huge amounts of tension, contributing to gains in my vision, clarity of thinking, renewed hope of recovery, and a reduction in neck/head tension. The sessions are not massages, but you will feel an immense release of various tension points around your head and neck. Margaret is very kind and gifted, and is genuinely focused on tailoring the sessions to your unique situation. I would highly recommend.


I suffered from constant, severe headaches after being ill with mononucleosis last year.  I saw a neurologist and chiropractor,  had lots of tests like MRI’s, and was prescribed heavy-duty medications.  Nothing helped, until I saw Margaret for craniosacral therapy.  I felt some relief after the first session with Margaret.  By the third session, the headaches were noticeably better and less frequent.  This therapy has allowed me to return to my hobbies like horseback riding, and to be able to concentrate on my studies in school. I am able to live my life to the fullest without being in constant fear of my headaches.



I have seen Margaret a couple times in the past year: once after being hit in the face with a volleyball and once after taking a spill on ice. During my appointments, I could feel heat and tension release in my head and neck. After my appointments, my headaches were gone and I was much more relaxed. I am very grateful for this craniosacral therapy!


The session with Margaret was calming and very effective physically. It not only helped me release some aches but my mood transformed. I had been going too fast, too long and, after the session, was able to slow down, focus and enjoy life more ! Just what I was looking for! Before the session, Margaret explained and answered any questions I had, with her beautiful, caring, compassionate personality.

I had a minor head injury that was causing a lot of head and neck pain. During the first treatment with Margaret I could feel a huge relief! Her treatments were very effective for me.



My hip felt locked up–I had great difficulty going up and down the stairs. It only took one session and my hip pain cleared up, I could walk up and down the stairs—what a relief!

Margaret is a gifted practitioner with a gentle, healing touch that she infuses with compassion.   I immediately feel more grounded and calm, when I experience Margaret’s work.  I have had severe insomnia for 18 years after sustaining a concussion from a major car accident.  Having tried so many therapies, supplements, & treatments for  many years,  I have finally been able to sleep better!  Starting craniosacral therapy with Margaret has been a true game changer for me, and I feel like a new person now that I am able to sleep better.   I leave my sessions with Margaret feeling a sense of deep inner peace and relaxation, like my system has been realigned and I am able to find my center.  Additionally, Margaret has provided a lot of relief to my chronic low back pain that I developed from this car accident.  I am so grateful for Margaret’s healing work and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is suffering from insomnia or chronic pain.